Erik is constantly shaking his head at the intricacies and mysteries of female relationships… I’ll tell him something about a girlfriend and he’ll parrot the same comment he makes all the time “guys don’t think like that”.  No, guys don’t think like that and while I love being friends with guys (they are easier in many ways and they typically think it’s hilarious when I am crude or crass), I also treasure my girlfriends.

Only a girlfriend could make you feel sane with her own craziness…

or make you laugh like a loon at something that otherwise crushes you…

or be your champion for the smallest cause (“damn RIGHT he should be putting that toilet seat down, girl!  and if he doesn’t start, you call me and we’ll…”)

or remember all the names of your family members as you’re telling a story – a story that might be taking you a while to tell because you keep having to back up to give more details…

or tell you that those jeans do NOT make your butt look big (even if they really do)…

or get their feelings hurt because you haven’t called or emailed them in a while…

or talk you into doing things that you don’t believe yourself that you can do…

or share their children with you…

or just brighten your day with their presence in your life.

No, guys don’t think like that, but luckily… girls do!

What are some of the things that you value in YOUR girlfriends???

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