are you freaking kidding me?

I should be ashamed to admit this, but I have a monthly subscription to Cosmo magazine… which means I have the maturity of an immature 19 year old!  It’s trash and I know it’s trash, but I love it anyway.  My husband has pointed out on numerous occasions that the word “sex” must appear on the cover and within the content about a bazillion times.  Also to note, he has never asked me to stop subscribing….

Anyway, I don’t usually pay attention to the front cover when I receive it in the mail because it’s all predictable.  But February’s cover had this “Score a Slammin’ bod in 6 minutes a day!” bubble in the upper right-hand corner… which caught my eye, of course, because it’s freaking RIDICULOUS! 

[ I’m thinking that the only way I’m “scoring a slammin’ body in 6 minutes a day” is if I’m paying a 17 year old male hooker…  get it?  young guy, 6 minutes?  ha, ha.  if you still don’t get it, email me and I’ll explain. ]

Yeah, so back to the actual article.  Ads like this drive me crazy because it makes women look like dumb suckers… It’s a one-page article that shows four free-standing strength-training exercises… no talk of cardio, nutrition, etc.  Really?

I’m a girl who likes to be reasonable in her scoffing, so I’m going to commit to trying this 6 minute workout every day for the next 30 days.  Stay tuned for my hot-body update next month…

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