"donut run"

Whoever came up with the idea for the Krispy Kreme Challenge is an absolute genius! 

This is a race not to be missed… it combines several of my favorite things:

  • donuts
  • hilarious people watching
  • fundraising for an awesome charity
  • finishing a race (notice that this is last on the list of faves?)

Fun-hearted runners, walkers, and spectators have been showing up for this race for about 5 years now.  Originally dreamed up by a frat-boy as a late-night dare, it has grown into a local favorite and was featured on ESPN last year.  The “challenge” is to run two miles from the NC State Bell Tower down to Krispy Kreme (one of the originals), snarf down a dozen fresh donuts, and run back up to the Bell Tower.  

A dozen Krispy Kreme regular donuts has 2400 calories… so really, if you’re ever going to eat a dozen KK’s in one sitting, this would be the way to go… as it is very unlikely that you’ll arrive back at the Bell Tower without losing at least some of those calories along the way.  Ewww.

The race coordinators are also marketing geniuses… they have created 3 categories in which you can participate (and help them raise money for the North Carolina Children’s Hospital).  


  • Eats the entire dozen Donuts
  • Runs the Full Race in under an hour (including time to snarf the donuts)
  • Keeps’em Down

Casual Runner:

  • Eats a donut or two for kicks
  • Runs (or Walks) the Full Race with no time limit
  • Keeps’em Down (…or not?)

Donut Supporter:

  • Does not Run or Walk
  • Still gets a cool K2C T-shirt
  • Comes to watch and cheer!!

We ran as casual runners a few years ago and would have done it again this year, but the race sold out almost an entire month prior to race day!  Next year – we’ll make sure to sign up early!

Tell me about crazy local events in your area!

P.S. I noticed that Krispy Kreme has some adorable sale items right now!

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