Jillian, I heart you!

Have you guys heard of Jillian Michaels’ new book, Master Your Metabolism

A friend of mine recommended it recently, so I picked up a copy this week and started reading… lots of really interesting science stuff in there about hormones and your metabolism, but most interestingly – she’s saying the same things that my husband has been finding from blogs and online articles over the last year. 

If you think about it, you’ll realize that we’ve gotten away from eating real food.   We have all these sugar substitutes, fat substitutes, additives, preservatives, etc.  Have you ever picked up the package of something you’re eating and looked at the ingredients list?  It’s downright creepy!  I’ve been the biggest sucker for that stuff in the last 20 years because I’m always battling my weight and all the ads say “no fat!” or “no sugar!” will help.  But what you don’t stop to realize is that you are then eating a party of CHEMICALS!  And that’s bound to jack with your body’s natural balance.

Now… we’re not granola hippies or anything (we do burn incense and wear the occasional tye-dye), but the book makes sense… buy organic when at all possible… go with the real deal on sugars and fats, but do it in moderation… stop eating processed foods and get back to whole foods… meats, grains, fruits, and vegetables.  She also talks about toxins in your environment… that you should use only natural cleaners, insecticides, clothing, etc. 

Honestly, reading her list of dos and don’ts was a bit overwhelming… but I think that we can focus on making a few changes every few months and eventually be where we want to be.  I’ve already started cutting sugar substitutes out of my diet and minimizing processed foods due to some stomach problems I’ve had over the years, but this weekend – we’re going to go through our pantry and fridge/freezer to see what we can toss and substitute with a better option.  The organics and natural products are a bit more expensive, but as a friend of mine would say “pay for it now, or pay for it with your health later!”.

What small changes could you make to move more towards an organic, whole foods, natural diet and environment?

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4 Responses to Jillian, I heart you!

  1. Amanda Riggs says:

    I believe I am the “friend” who recommended this book to you and I, too was overwhelmed a bit by all the information. However, it really all makes sense and I am trying to incorporate pieces of the food and household cleansing over time as well as understand how certain types of food consumed affect metabolism. I have always been a sucker for trying to stuff the last fork or dirty cup in the dishwasher even after they cycle has already started and according to Jillian this is a big No-No as there is some chemical reaction science stuff going on that makes the steam and fumes and such very unsafe! Who knew….
    I heart Jillian too and am now reading her other books….she knows her stuff!

  2. Amanda says:

    You ARE that friend… 🙂 Yep, we purged our pantry and fridge this weekend (two kitchen garbage bags of processed foods or chemical-laden stuff) and replaced with organic or whole foods. Angie made a great suggestion to join a local food co-op to get fresh local organic foods. I’m going to join this one next week (since we already stocked up for this week): http://www.papaspuds.com They even DELIVER! woohoo!

  3. angela says:

    If you are concerned about processed foods, you should see what they serve kids in schools and daycares! It’s disheartening at best. Our kids deserve better. I thought about making this my personal crusade for 2010 – maybe the readers of this blog will join me in the effort.
    We looked at one day care that serves oreos, brownies, cookies, ice cream, popsicles, cheetos, you name it. It was horrendous – we didn’t just walk out, we ran.
    Another example – the YMCA serves pankcake syrup (the fake stuff, colored corn syrup like aunt j. – not pure maple syrup, a true treat) to 12 month olds!!! My daughter is just fine with her 7-grain waffle, dry. And, I think I have asked at least a 1/2 dozen times to take cheetos off the menu. The “excuse” the Y gave was that “it’s what most of these kids get at hoem anyway”. I wanted to scream – all the more reason to give them healthy things here.
    Why don’t we (as a society) make the best, most healthy choices we can for our children while they are depending on us to make thier choices.
    How much different would adults be today if they were only given healthy food as children and not brought up on oroes and kool-aid.
    This is such a passionate topic for me, I better quit typing now or I’ll write a book.

  4. coolchicksactivegear says:

    did you guys see the ad for a new TV series with Jamie Oliver? it’s called “Food Revolution” and he’s tackling the foods that are being given out in schools… good stuff!

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