are you looking at me?

So I stumbled through a cardio hip-hop dance class at my gym this morning… which means that I mostly stumbled since I  [a] have next to no rhythm and [b] have minimal coordination.  But I had fun, worked up a good sweat, and laughed a LOT.  Driving home, I was thinking back to my 20s… when I was actually more fit and weighed less than I do now, but would have preferred taking a beating over going to a group exercise class.  I was so self-conscious that everyone would be looking at me and noticing that I didn’t know what I was doing, that I was completely out of step, or that I would be the frumpiest girl in the class.  These days, I really don’t give that stuff a second thought…

Group exercise classes can be some of the most calorie-burning workouts you’ve ever done – even if you’re out of step on every single move (which I totally was this morning).  Not only does the time fly by (most classes are a full hour), but you’re motivated by the instructor or other people in the class.  It also helps me to have a set schedule of workouts so I can’t keep procrastinating until bed-time and then flake out.

I already take a kickboxing class twice a week (because I still have pent-up rage from my former career – ha!) and am trying a couple of other classes here and there… that’s how I found myself in hip-hop heaven this morning.  Even though I was out of step, didn’t do the quick turns because I was afraid I’d trip and fall on my rear, and was – in fact – the frumpiest girl in the class… it was fun.  If I couldn’t figure out the move, I’d just go back to something simple until they moved on to a move that I could get.  The key is to just keep moving, keep laughing, and sweat – sweat – sweat! 

And you know what?  If someone IS looking at you and laughing… just laugh with them!  We don’t laugh enough as it is!

What’s a class that you’ve always wanted to try, but have been too afraid to do?

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One Response to are you looking at me?

  1. Lisa says:

    BELLY DANCING! That would take some courage!

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