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andy gibb hair…

So yesterday, I drove to Greensboro (hour and 15 away from Raleigh) to do a walk in the hilly sunshine with my sister-in-law… had a lovely home-made lunch at her place of jerk shrimp, jasmine rice, and steamed asparagus, and … Continue reading

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pole report…

Pole: 1, Amanda: 0. Yep, that’s right… the pole kicked my tush this weekend.  I woke up this morning and my thigh muscles are still killing me.  But we had a blast in the class and would totally do it … Continue reading

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snot pot…

Have you guys heard of neti pots, affectionately referred to as “snot pots”?  They’re supposed to be good for clearing your sinuses and are often used by people who suffer from severe seasonal allergies (ie – yours truly).  I had … Continue reading

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are you ready for the weekend?

I definitely am! This morning I’m busy digging through my closet to find the lowest-cut shirt that I own to go with my mega-cleavage bra since I have some pole-dancing to do today.   Oh sorry, I’m not taking on a second … Continue reading

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"better than mine?!"

you know how when you are coming back from a road-trip with girlfriends, you start reviewing the entire trip and all the things that made you laugh the whole time?  I honestly think that may be my favorite part of … Continue reading

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tiny ta-tas…

Last night I had yummy Mexican food with some really fun people… the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer team “Tiny Ta-Tas“.  Since my sister-in-law and I are doing the walk in October, a friend suggested that we join this team … Continue reading

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spring has sprung…

and so, unfortunately, have my allergies… According to my light-sleeping husband, I have spent the last two nights “snoring like a lumberjack” because I can not breathe.  And today… I am slowly losing my voice.  I feel like complete poop … Continue reading

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