girlie dinners…

I have a group of girlfriends that get together once a month for what we call “girlie dinners”…  April got us started on this and I’m so thankful that she did (and that she hosts so often!).  I hosted this month, but everyone brings stuff to contribute to the dinner and drinks.  We’re all active chicks, discussing upcoming runs or exercise classes, recipes, where to get good foods, etc.  We eat, drink wine, gossip, talk about silly things like the Bachelor, marital aids, and bodily functions.  And we laugh.  A lot. 

Typically, when we think about our health… we think about eating right and exercising.  But let’s not forget about relationships and how important they are to our overall happiness.  I read in a recent Shape article that “meeting up with your pals may be just as hearth-healthy as hitting the gym” and “bonding with friends can help keep stress at bay”.  No kidding!  After a night of laughing with those girls, my heart is pretty darn happy!

What things do you do to make sure that you’re getting some quality girl-time?

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