hmmm, not quite so lucky.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day for the 8K Run Green race in downtown Raleigh… I’ve been coaching with Fleet Feet specifically for this run and was all excited to run with our group, wear my St. Patty’s Day goodies, show off Cool Chicks Gear, and enjoy some free beers… but, well… that didn’t quite work out.  I woke up early yesterday morning (like 2am) with an alien in my digestive system… I’ll spare you the details, but I was definitely not fit to leave the house, let alone run a hilly 8K.

Aside from feeling physically miserable, I was pretty bummed about missing the race… so although I’m not quite up to running today, I’m going to get out some time this week (wearing my St. Patty’s Day gear) and run 5 miles, followed by a frosty beer in my race commemorative pint glass.  Pictures will be posted later this week.  ha!

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