couch potato…

I was sitting at home a few days ago, working on my laptop with garbage tv on in the background when I got this article link in an email from my husband (he’s so subtle about telling me to get off my butt, right?).

“Cutting Your TV Watching in Half Burns Calories Equivalent to Walking Eight Miles Per Week”

The article basically says that in a University of Vermont study of 36 adults, those who cut their tv-watching habits in half were burning an average of 120 calories more per day… even if they were just using somewhat sedentary hobbies to fill that time (playing board games, organizing a photo album, etc). 

Hmmm, well, it’s not rocket science for sure… given that if you’re sitting in an immobile trance in front of the tv, you are probably burning next to no calories vs. if you are moving a game-piece around a trivial pursuit board and clapping when you earn a piece of pie and especially air-pumping your fist when you kick some trivial pursuit booty (umm, I’m a bit competitive and brag-o-licious – it’s mildly obnoxious to others).  That makes sense.

When I met my husband, I had a small 13 inch tv and believed that cable was the root of all evil… he owned a tv, but had placed it in storage because it was too much of a distraction to him and the fuller life he wanted to lead.  These days (nearly 10 years later), we have a 36 inch tv and about a gazillion channels that we pay a ridiculous amount of money for… coupled with a gym membership that we pay a ridiculous amount for in order to try to counter-act the time in front of the tv… hmmm, have we gotten smarter or dumber?  Maybe it’s time to let the cable channels go… including that crazy belly dance show he’s addicted to.

How much time do you spend watching TV per week?  And what would you do with that time if you didn’t have a TV?

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