treadmill strategy…

so again, I was emailing back and forth with my sister-in-law this morning and she sent the blurb below regarding her training start for our Avon adventure (39.3 miles, sistahs!)… I giggled my head off at the visual and thought I’d share it here for a few laughs.

I’m up to 2 miles- and I’ve made a HUGE discovery!!! HUGE!!!

No matter how in the groove you are, when INXS tells you to “Slide over here and give me a moment” I’m ABSOLUTELY SURE they didn’t mean while you’re on the treadmill!!!! 
It bodes ill for all involved – you who are ping-ponging back and forth between the bars, the geriatric man next to you who starts laughing and loses his balance, the earbuds that get brutally ripped out of your head and wrapped around the bar, and the poor MP3 player that falls, hits the treadmill and (because you were in such a groove you upped the speed) goes flying into the machine behind you!

I have found my learning curve.

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