I'm baaaack…

So… 420 miles in the car, two pounds of steamed shrimp, a few (too many) beers, and a couple of sparkly running skirts later… I’m home from the Virginia Beach Shamrock marathon/half-marathon. 

VA Beach has two marathon/half-marathons per year… one is the Shamrock (in March) and the other is the Rock-n-Roll (in September).  Heather and I signed up for the R-n-R Half a few months after we did the Nashville Marathon a few years ago… and then realized that we hated running long distances in the heat and would rather just go and cheer for others.  We’re lazy like that. 

We’ve made the trip for the last 6 races and always have a lot of fun.  We stake out a spot about a tenth of a mile from the finish and cheer our lungs out for those folks who need a quick pick-me-up as they are nearing the finish line.  It tickles me that racers and spectators alike will actually come up to take pictures of us because of our signs or because we’re just plain silly.  And it makes me happy when we see someone really hurting and they look up and crack a smile at our shouts and jumps and such.  I know that kind of thing has often carried me through a rough spot in a distance race. 

We’re considering a marathon super-fan documentary, but neither one of us are exactly handy with the camera (5 out of 6 photos are blurry or contain the up-view of someone’s nostrils).

How was your weekend?

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