spring has sprung…

and so, unfortunately, have my allergies…

According to my light-sleeping husband, I have spent the last two nights “snoring like a lumberjack” because I can not breathe.  And today… I am slowly losing my voice.  I feel like complete poop and have been mostly moping around the house in comfy clothes and rocking some righteous bed-head.  It’s not pretty.  I slept weird last night so I could breathe better and managed to get a crick in my neck.  So now, I’m also unable to turn my head to the left.  Life is not being kind to me today.

But the weather outside is gorgeous and I’m hopeful that my allergy meds will kick in soon…  until then, I’ll be resting and catching up on my trash-reading (have you read Vicki Lewis Thompson’s Nerd series?  it’s mindless and cute!).

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