"better than mine?!"

you know how when you are coming back from a road-trip with girlfriends, you start reviewing the entire trip and all the things that made you laugh the whole time?  I honestly think that may be my favorite part of my trips with Heather… when we’re driving back from the beach and re-hashing all the funny things that happened and we both get so tickled that I practically have to pull over so we can both pee.

on our last trip, I was doing silly karate moves all weekend (because I’m a spaz)… this past weekend, I was doing high-kicks and hurkeys while cheering for the runners.  I looked ridiculous, but it was cracking everyone around us up, so I kept doing it and laughing myself silly (again, spaz).  When we met up with some friends from last year, one of the girls used to be a cheerleader and demonstrated correct hurkey form (while being 6 months preggo – show off! ha!). 

So Heather and I are were driving home and laughing about the hurkeys… she mentioned that Brannan’s was quite impressive and that obviously she had been a kick-butt cheerleader not long ago.  I – crushed that she hadn’t raved over MY hurkeys – said “you mean – it was better than mine?!”.  And then we both busted up laughing… between gasps for breath, Heather suggested that I should probably attempt a hurkey in front of a full-length mirror at some point so I could see myself… since I’m actually only getting about 2 inches of air each time I jump.  baaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha.  Okay, yeah… so I have the next 12 months to work on that move before next year’s Shamrock race.

Readyyyyy?!  OKAY!

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2 Responses to "better than mine?!"

  1. Jen says:

    the last time i attempted a hurkey was in junior high. in the backyard. the roof had recently been replaced. i wasn’t wearing shoes. yeah, i stepped on a GIANT rusty roofing nail. i screamed. loudly. mom came running out. (fyi: moms who are nurses are not necessarily calm when their child is involved). dad rushed me to the hospital. they removed the nail and i got a tetanus shot. good times.

    SO many of my stories should really start out with…”I did something dumb”

  2. coolchicksactivegear says:

    I did more hurkeys at our run-group last night… and accidentally sprayed water from my dixie-cup all over this guy that was standing in front of me. I think the judges will deduct points from my overall score for that… dont’ you? 😉

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