tiny ta-tas…

Last night I had yummy Mexican food with some really fun people… the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer team “Tiny Ta-Tas“.  Since my sister-in-law and I are doing the walk in October, a friend suggested that we join this team that she’s been on the last few years, so I went last night to check it out.  The group is a great mix of people and includes several cancer survivors and their friends and family.  Some people are walking and some people are volunteering.  Some have done this event for years and some have never done it before.  But everyone was excited. 

While I was munching on chips and swilling my (not so tiny) margarita, I felt warm and wonderful to see so many people turning this awful disease into something positive… a cause to support, a “family” of friends to rejoice with, a sense of accomplishment and  making a difference.  And mostly – the feeling of empowerment that comes from all that in the face of a disease that strikes its victims as mostly powerless.

Take THAT Cancer! 

(I’m totally air-chopping and kicking right now – wish you could see how awesome it looks!  ha!)

Oh – and don’t forget that you can DONATE at any time!

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2 Responses to tiny ta-tas…

  1. Jen says:

    i’m SO glad you came with us last night. isn’t it such a great group? (and that’s just a small part of the team!) such a wonderful group of people. we are all so passionate about the cause and just really love being together. it’s awesome. i canNOT wait for you to experience the weekend in charlotte. there truly on not words for what you will see and feel. LOVE it!


  2. Deb says:

    It was a blast to meet you and I can’t wait to meet your sister-in-law. I’m glad Jen saw you that you would fit right in with the team (cool chicks=tiny tatas.) I think maybe we’ll have to limit our intake of margaritas when we’re together–I may join you in the karate kicks and hurkeys and my daughter would be SOOOO mortified! See you soon!

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