snot pot…

Have you guys heard of neti pots, affectionately referred to as “snot pots”?  They’re supposed to be good for clearing your sinuses and are often used by people who suffer from severe seasonal allergies (ie – yours truly).  I had never even heard of these things until recently… when about 4 or 5 people recommended that I try one to help with my allergies. 

The way they described it sounded weird, so I looked around online to find a demonstration… check this out.  I was completely mezmerized.  As an aside, I can’t even imagine what this woman had to do in order to audition for the video… and seriously, how would you like that to be your claim to fame? 

Anyhoo, after several days of having my head packed in snot, I decided to give this thing a whirl…  They’re sold at most pharmacies and cost about $12 for a generic kit that also includes the saline solution stuff.  I know I’m a first-timer, but my experience was nothing like the tranquil experience on the video.  My eyes were watering like mad, I swallowed some of the solution and choked (I was leaning my head too far back, apparently), and the stream of solution was pretty much dribbling all over my face.  My nasal passage was definitely clear afterwards, but it also burned like I had snorted a couple lines of coke… seriously, owww.  I’m not sure there will be a repeat performance with the neti-pot.

I had attempted this so that I wouldn’t be snotting and sneezing at the pole-dancing class yesterday, but instead… my left eye was burning for hours afterwards from the stinging salt, so I kept winking at everyone during the class.  Nice. 

I also just read in this month’s Shape magazine that it’s not healthy to use these things regularly because they wash away the mucus that your nose produces to protect against bacteria and irritants… so you end up with more sinus infections.  I mentioned this to an experienced snot-potter and she nixed that theory because she does use it regularly and has no issues.  Silly research scientists.

Have any of you used one of these things and does it get better?

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4 Responses to snot pot…

  1. Jen says:

    i’m in love with my neti pot. IN. LOVE. i’ve definitely had the water running down my face if my head isn’t positioned correctly. and the swallowing of the solution…yeah, that’s fun too. but those things don’t always happen.

    my fave place to do it is leaning onto the shower wall. i stand outside the tub, place a palm on the shower wall, tilt my head and NETI!!!

    also be super careful about not blowing your nose too hard after using it. i’ve gotten some pretty serious ear pain from doing that. there are some ‘bending-type’ things you can do to get the solution to drain from your head.

    i really can’t say enough about the neti pot. it’s so great. the moment i feel some snot or snot pressure coming on…i run for the neti. did i mention i love it? did i? please give it another try.

  2. coolchicksactivegear says:

    I think I’ll try it again today, but without the saline stuff – with just plain old water… I think the saline stuff was too much for me.

  3. Amanda Riggs says:

    I have been using the neti pot for years and swear by them. As a sinus sufferer with four cleansing polyp surgeries under her belt, I have found that using this regularly truly does help me. Use warm water and you’ll avoid some of the uncomfortable sensations that intensify if you use cold water. There is an art to using it and you need to tilt your head at the right angle and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you ever let your husband see you use the device!

  4. Jen says:

    maybe you could try it with HALF of the salt stuff?

    and amanda is definitely right about the WARM water…it’s much better with warm. i’ve accidentally had it too hot and too cold on several occasions. neither are very enjoyable!

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