andy gibb hair…

So yesterday, I drove to Greensboro (hour and 15 away from Raleigh) to do a walk in the hilly sunshine with my sister-in-law… had a lovely home-made lunch at her place of jerk shrimp, jasmine rice, and steamed asparagus, and drove back home.  When I got home, I walked another 2 miles on the treadmill and then went to an hour class of hard-core kickboxing… all of this without a shower in-between.  Some time around 9pm or so, I took off my skull and cross-bone sweaty-band and shook my hair down out of the pony tail it had been in all day.  Given that my hair was crusted in layers of salty sweat, it looked like this crazy feather’d looking ‘do.  Erik came walking through the bathroom while I was flossing and goes “whooooa, nice Andy Gibb hair!”.  I squinted my eyes at him and told him to hush.  He hesitated and said “wait, maybe it’s more like Leif Garrett hair”.  I thumped his upper arm and started trying to kill him with my eyes.  He laughed and said “nope, definitely Andy Gibb hair… sweet!”.  And then he walked out of the bathroom before I could totally disingrate him with my eyes.  All this to say… after three different workouts in one day, that is some well-earned funk-hair, folks. 

So I say… Rock the Andy Gibb hair proudly, girls!

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2 Responses to andy gibb hair…

  1. Jen says:

    that’s hot.

  2. Jen says:

    oh! and you rock that you exercised so much yesterday! sounds like jennifer made quite the healthy lunch, too! go y’all!

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