feeling a little "zen".

After a chaotic week that brought a few major disappointments and some scary new challenges, I spent today cleaning my house, mowing our huge lawn, and doing laundry.  I didn’t give thought to the things that were stressing me because I was so focused on getting these simple chores done.  Now that everything is done, and I’m showered up with comfy yoga pants and a cherished t-shirt on, I’m calm and clear.  I’m enjoying a glass of cheap wine, the cut-grass scented breeze blowing through our windows, and some relaxing music soothing me into a wonderful late-afternoon mellow.  I’m content to just be still. 

I can not even tell you how rare these moments are for me… my mind is usually torturing me with to-do lists or pebbles of self-doubt.  I’m typically overbooked with things that I’ve committed to because I don’t want to miss out on any opportunities to live.  My body is usually hurting or tired or feeling neglected.  But not this afternoon…

So yes, with my quieted mind and my relaxed body, I’m feeling pretty zen this afternoon… and loving it.

Namaste, kids.

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