yard work workout?

I have what I’m sure is a fabulous idea for some enterprising young fitness trainer type… organized yard work workouts! 

Seriously, think about it… every time I do yard-work, I can barely move the next day, but it doesn’t feel hard when I’m doing the actual work so I can do it for much longer.  A couple weeks ago, I raked up the last of our fallen leaves (which took almost 2 hours and filled 8 large leaf bags – we have a huge backyard) and spread mulch on the beds.  As I was raking and shoving leaves in a bag, I realized that I was working up quite a sweat.  Instead of bending over to pick up things, I started doing squats to reach anything on the ground.  And then I thought – wow, someone should create a workout class like this and use it to clean up public land like parks or greenways or something.  I get such a huge sense of satisfaction when I’ve tidied up my own yard, so how cool would it be to be getting in an organized workout to maximize calories burned and muscles used while also voluntarily cleaning up your environment?  I would pay money for something like that!

So… if you use the idea, please tell me so that I can sign up for your class! 

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