a little fun for a Friday…

99 things you might not know about me…

  1. I am horrible with directions and frequently get lost going to places I’ve been to before.
  2. My hair is naturally blonde and naturally straight.
  3. I would love to have a sprinkling of stars tattoo’d on the inside of my left wrist.
  4. I don’t watch much TV, but am addicted to Facebook.
  5. I was born in Munich, Germany.
  6. I met my husband while volunteering in Youth Ministry.
  7. I shaved my eyebrows off by accident when I was 8.
  8. I have my eyebrows professionally waxed now.
  9. I could live on chips and salsa… and ice cream.
  10. I hate the sound of someone blowing their nose and always wish people would go to the bathroom to do so.
  11. I used to be scared of old people and babies.
  12. I am truly one of the most uncoordinated people you’ll ever meet.
  13. I took my middle name as my last name for a few years just before I met my husband.
  14. My ears are double-pierced, but I only wear one set of earrings.
  15. One of my ears is bigger than the other.
  16. Silly gift items that my family buys me because of family jokes: pigs, fish, and pirates.
  17. I haaaate black licorice.
  18. I have a certain amount of paranoia about most everything.
  19. I have three older brothers.
  20. That is probably the #1 reason for my paranoia.
  21. I would love to be fluent in Italian, but am too lazy to learn it.
  22. I still have the stuffed dog my Mom gave me for my 10th birthday.
  23. I pretty much always feel like I could use a nap, but rarely take them.
  24. I hate doing laundry.
  25. I love cleaning and find it to be a great stress-reliever.
  26. I won a trip to Paris when I was 12.
  27. I used to believe in reincarnation.
  28. I also used to smoke pot.
  29. These two could be related.
  30. Bones I have broken: tail-bone and collar-bone.  I did not have a cool cast to sign for either one.
  31. I would go barefoot all of the time if I could.
  32. I am most comfortable in pajama pants and an old t-shirt.
  33. I would love to act in a local theater group, but have been too chicken to do it.
  34. My favorite time of year is the beginning of fall when the air just starts to turn crisp.
  35. I love to people-watch.
  36. I would pay up to $300 to see the original Police in concert.  I would pay close to that just to see Sting.
  37. I used to go out dancing every weekend when I was a teenager.
  38. I used to be a lot less concerned about what people thought of me.
  39. I learned how to ski on a trip to Austria when I was 13.
  40. I have had braces twice and still wear a retainer when I remember to do so.
  41. I floss my teeth every day.
  42. I am always daydreaming about my next vacation.  I usually take 4 or 5 trips per year.
  43. When I was a kid, I always thought I would be famous some day.
  44. I am unable to have children, but am thankful that other people share the joy of theirs with us.
  45. I used to have a 55 gallon aquarium, but the fish kept dying.
  46. I scored a 27 on the ACT without any preparation.
  47. I could have earned a scholarship if I had turned in my homework in high school.
  48. That lesson cost me about 40,000 dollars in college tuition.
  49. My grandparents are all deceased.  I never met either one of my grandfathers.
  50. I have blue eyes.
  51. I love to scrapbook, but am at least a year behind on my pictures.
  52. I love making lists.
  53. Sports equipment I have bought and not really used very much: racquetball gear, inline skates, tennis racquet, golf clubs.
  54. I bruise easily.
  55. I read primarily obscure fiction and watch mostly comedies.
  56. I have run both a half and a full marathon.
  57. I was always in the gifted and talented programs in school, but never felt gifted or talented.
  58. I had lasik surgery about 10 years ago, but have to wear glasses now.
  59. I’ve tried snails and actually liked them.
  60. I wish I loved running, but I really just love that I can do it.
  61. I wish I took better care of myself consistently.
  62. Walking next to the bed in a dark room makes me nervous – I feel like someone is going to grab at my ankles from under the bed.
  63. I do not watch scary movies or go to haunted houses.
  64. I would love to have a big birthday party thrown for me some day.
  65. I have hitch-hiked… and would not recommend it.
  66. I have almost no musical talent whatsoever.
  67. I am married to a very talented musician.
  68. I moved three times during 5th grade and attended three different schools that year.
  69. I miss my brothers more than I tell them.
  70. I have a Wonder Woman trophy that sits on my desk.
  71. I wish that I was more artistic.
  72. My favorite art form is photography.
  73. I associate smells with memories before I associate sights or sounds with memories.
  74. I drink coffee with French vanilla creamer every morning.
  75. I have an adorable dog that I got the night of my maternal Grandmother’s funeral.
  76. I have cooked and hosted a full Thanksgiving dinner twice and would do it again.
  77. New Mexico is one of my favorite places in the world to visit.
  78. I would love to learn how to knit or quilt or both.
  79. I often think of myself as younger than I actually am.
  80. Cooking is not one of my talents, but I have a few fall-back recipes that keep me going.
  81. When I sing, I sing loudly… and mostly off-key.
  82. I’m a light-sleeper.
  83. I love to help people.
  84. I often stick out my pinky while drinking something.
  85. I adore my husband and feel truly blessed to be married to him.
  86. I am ridiculously afraid of public speaking, including introducing myself.
  87. I spoke in front of a congregation of 2,600 people once.
  88. I have won both an art and a writing contest (during grade-school, of course).
  89. I am convinced that the post office doesn’t deliver all of the mail I send.
  90. I am a Gemini.
  91. I once changed my own brake pads on my car.
  92. The absolute best concert I’ve ever been to was Sarah McLachlan in Kansas City.
  93. I wish I could relax and turn my brain off more.
  94. I keep a small collection of memorabilia from my past lives in a shoe-box under my bed.
  95. I graduated from the engineering college with honors.
  96. I feel naked without my watch.
  97. I am a sucker for symmetry and am often adjusting objects around my house to line them up correctly.
  98. My brothers make fun of me for this.
  99. I am slowly warming up to the idea of traveling throughout Asia with my husband.

have a wonderful weekend and bring back stories for me next week!

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6 Responses to a little fun for a Friday…

  1. Sharee says:

    I love scrapbooking with my friends more than using digital scrapbook software

  2. Kristin says:

    I 100% agree about the nose blowing thing (and feel the same way about teeth flossing)

    Now, the LASIK comment intrigues me. I had it 2 years ago. I now wear reading glasses but have for 4 years. Oh, I hope I don’t ever have to return to glasses full time!

    • coolchicksactivegear says:

      oh sorry, I should have qualified that – I only have to wear glasses to see presentations and for driving at night. since I’ve left my old career six months ago, I haven’t remembered to wear glasses at all… and have been fine. well, except a recent drive from across town late at night when I wasn’t really sure where I was going… that was rough, but otherwise – good. 🙂

  3. Jen D says:

    i just read this whole list. very cool…and i learned lots of things i didn’t know about you.

    perhaps i will work on my own list……

  4. Melissa Schwartz says:

    I love your list and now I am inspired to work on my own!

  5. coolchicksactivegear says:

    when you guys get your lists, I want to see them! 🙂

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