what's next? shuffleboard?

I was emailing back and forth with a friend recently and she referred to my new sparkly running skirts as “bedazzled”.  Remember those obnoxious commercials with the bedazzlers that could put tacky rhinestones or faux gems all over ever square inch of your wardrobe of clothing? 

I cracked up at her comment, but then realized how running pretty much turns you into the fashion old lady you’ve always made fun of!  Case in point… I not only have two lovely “bedazzled” polyester sequins skirts (that I love), I also have a reflective fanny pak (aka SPIbelt – which is selling like hotcakes at race expos all over the country), a polyester visor, several pairs of spandex pants/shorts that really should not be stretched over my rear in the light of day, and several 100% polyester (technical) shirts. 

Who knew I’d have the wardrobe of an 80 year old before I hit 40?

As an aside, when I did a google search on fanny packs, I found this hilarious “Real Fanny Pack Blog“.  As another aside, when I was emailing this stuff back and forth with my friend, her reply to my above comments was “all I saw in that email was that you own a fanny pack”.  hahaha!

What is the silliest looking fitness gear thing you own and love? 

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