whip it!

I just watched the star-sprinkled movie, Whip It, this weekend… have you seen it? 

It’s awesome!  And literally made me wish I could squeeze into some fishnet stockings and join a roller derby team (just call me Mandy Mayham!). 

My favorite line of the movie is when the star, Ellen Page, is star-struck and gushing to one of the “Hurl Scouts” derby girls… she says “I just wanted to let you know that you guys are my heroes”.  Maggie Mayham’s response is “put on some skates and be your own hero!”.

Exactly!  Be your own hero!  Find that activity that empowers you, that helps remind you that you are strong… be your own hero, girlfriends!

Have you found that activity yet?

as an aside… we’re totally going to the Carolina Roller Girls Derby this weekend!

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