biggest spaz meets biggest losers…

I am quite possibly the biggest spaz alive…  I was a giddy mess when I met local Biggest Loser contestants, Ed and Heba, yesterday!  Check it out…

I had a stroke of luck last week and happened upon the Southern Women’s Expo entertainment schedule… where I noticed that Ed and Heba would be talking about their experience with the show, as well as adjusting to life after the show.  Since Biggest Loser is one of only two shows that my husband and I are sure to catch each week (the other is Survivor), I was all giddy about catching this event. 

I really had no interest in anything else at the Expo, so I planned to arrive only a half hour before they were due to be on-stage.  When I got there and walked up to buy my ticket, I found that they don’t take credit cards (seriously?!).  I searched through my purse and realized that I didn’t have (a) any cash (b) my checkbook or (c) an ATM card.  Ahhh!  So I asked the ticket-selling lady if there was any way they would let me in just to see Ed and Heba speak and then I’d hustle myself back out without even glancing at any of the booths.  She sent me over to the ticket-taking guy to ask him if he’d let me in. 

I explained my situation and asked him if he’d let me in.  He was obviously sympathetic, but said that he just couldn’t.  I offered this guy everything short of my first born or things only promised to my husband and he still said nope, couldn’t do it.  I started sizing him up (he wasn’t a big guy) to see if I thought I could take him, but cooler heads prevailed and I called my husband to help me brainstorm instead.  As I was whining to him on the phone, I noticed this heavily pierced/tattoo’d girlie walk up and announce to the scrawny dude that she was an exhibitor.  He didn’t check a list, he didn’t ask for id, and directed her ticket-free into the Expo. 

I think you can see this coming, right?  I walked back up to the same guy who had just denied my entrance and said with total confidence “Hi!  I’m an exhibitor!”.  Without batting an eyelash, he directed me into the Expo with directions for where I’d need to go in order to check in and get my Exhibitor badge.  Ummm, poor guy must have been running on fumes after facing thousands of shopping-high ladies all day because I really don’t think he realized I was the same person who had just been begging him for entrance!

Anyway, so I get inside (gushing to my husband on the phone about what a crafty girl he married) and rush around to find the stage where they are going to appear… I get to a stage and realize that no one in the vicinity knows which stage this is and there are 3 stages at the Expo – gahhh!  I was just about to turn around and rush to the other end of the building, when I almost literally bumped into Ed.  I did a double-take and then noticed Heba (in foxy sunglasses) standing next to him.  So… like the smooth operator that I am, I blurted out “Hey!  Aren’t you guys Ed and Heba?!”.   Ed said yes and so I asked them where they were going to appear because I was only at the Expo to see them.  They were just as lost as I was until a friend of theirs finally rescued us all with a map of the Expo.  We rushed through the crowd to get over to the correct stage and at one point, Heba laughed and said “it’s like we have our own entourage!”.  That’s right, kids… I not only lied my way into the Expo to see them, I was now part of their make-believe entourage!

We finally got to the right stage with only a few minutes to spare.  Once on-stage, they talked about how they ended up on Biggest Loser (after sitting around, watching the show with a bowl of ice cream and sugar-induced bravado, they looked at each other and said “we could do that!”  and then they did!), what their daily lives on the Ranch consisted of (8 to 10 hours of exercise and cooking healthy meals for themselves), the struggles they faced when they were back at home (Ed has a deep love for cheese doodles and sundrops and at one point decided he was “over this”, but Heba helped him stay the course), and what their life is like now (they are exercising regularly and eating in moderation).

Heba talked about getting to the point where she is comfortable with where her body is now…  They are not the “fighting weight” they were at the conclusion of the show, but have found a balance of healthy activity, eating in moderation, while still enjoying life.  Basically, they’ve found the weight that is reasonably easy to maintain for the lifestyle that they would like to enjoy.   Heba mentioned that she fluctuates between a size 10 and a size 14 and that she’s okay with that because she knows that she’s strong, healthy, and active.  Woohoo – what a cool chick! 

After their talk, they took questions from the audience (umm, I was like the nerdy kid you always hated in school – the one who was constantly raising their hand?  yeah, that was totally me yesterday – I asked a million questions!), posed for photos, autographed some photos of themselves, and then patiently allowed people to ask them questions of a more personal nature one-on-one (I did not ask the personal questions, thankyouverymuch).

Oh!  I took a “my wife is hot.” shirt to give to Ed.  Heba cracked up and said “you are so funny – I love it!”.  She asked me if this was my company and I said yes and handed them a couple of my Cool Chicks promo cards.  I would have loved to tell her more about the company and what my passions are in it (since it fits so well with the balance that they’ve found), but I didn’t want to get too “can I be your new bff?”-like on our first date.  hahaha!

I’m so glad I was able to see them speak and get some encouragement and inspiration… if you’d like to catch up with them this weekend, they are appearing back out at the Expo with some cooking demonstrations both today and tomorrow!

oh – and as Heba likes to say, dream big!

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4 Responses to biggest spaz meets biggest losers…

  1. Melissa says:

    That’s awesome! So I have some FUN info for you. My sister is dating one of Ed’s really good friends. I bet we could arrange a meeting for you! Call me next week. Let’s use my connections for YOU! 🙂

    • coolchicksactivegear says:

      oh! that would be awesome! I’m sure they have lots o’ demands on their time, but once I get more inventory on-hand, I’d love a chance to tell them more about Cool Chicks!

  2. Lori says:

    Love it!!!!

  3. Jen D says:

    ed & heba are two of my all-time faves from biggest loser. i could relate in a big ole way to heba…and i was amazed at what she accomplished on the show (and the way she has maintained it!).

    so exciting that you met them! i always wish i would run into them in town, strike up a conversation, and soak up some of heba’s amazingness! she is SOOO inspiring to me! i love her attitude of it being OK to fluctuate between a couple sizes…that’s NORMAL! that’s real life. she’s great.

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