victory or defeat resides in the mind…

Isn’t that a great statement?  I can’t take credit for it… I heard it recently at a Beth Moore event to promote her new book “So Long Insecurity”.  But I felt it especially appropriate for me this week.

As I mentioned in my post on Monday, I’ve been busting booty this week to budge the scale.  So all week, pretty much every few minutes, I’ve been thinking the same thing… “wonder how many pounds I’ll lose this week with this extra gazillion hours of working out and following the WW eating plan”.  I’m literally day-dreaming about getting on the scale tomorrow morning and hearing the lady gasp “oh my gosh! this girl is a rock-star! she just lost 22 pounds in one week!”. 

But the reality is that I very well may end up only losing a pound this week… even though I’ve sweated more than I thought possible in four hours of workouts every single day, my muscles are screaming, and I have not had a single beer or dessert in 6 days.  So I’ve been mentally preparing myself all day… 

Does losing only a pound (or whatever) this week mean it wasn’t worth it or that I should quit?  No!  Because – in my mind – I’m already victorious over my crappy habits of just last week.  I’m taking better care of myself and getting stronger every day.  And that?  Is totally worth it! 

Oh, and I’ve avoided all kinds of garbage-tv this week because I’ve been too busy working out.  So my brain is getting stronger too!  Ha!

Make up your mind right now to be victorious…

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2 Responses to victory or defeat resides in the mind…

  1. Jen D says:

    i’m so proud of you! you have done what you set out to do! you are rockin’ the exercise! and no desserts or beer? awesome!

    i haven’t been so great with food stuff….but i’ve done jazzercise 4 times in a week (and pilates twice). woohoo! i feel QUITE victorious!

    • coolchicksactivegear says:

      dang, girl! you are rocking the workouts yourself!!! that’s six workouts in one week and especially impressive since you just started Jazzercise! Gooooo, girl!

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