cool chicks in action…

or “enough about me, what do you like about me?”  bahaha!   kidding!  

On my nearly 6 mile hilly walk to the library and back yesterday, I was thinking about how cool it is that I know so many wonderful women who are involved in all sorts of awesome events… and how I wish I could get us all in a room for a couple of drinks and some really great stories!  

Well, pour yourself a little something and let me tell you what some of these cool chicks have been up to… 

  • Erin traveled to Indianapolis recently for her sister-in-law’s bridal shower/run at the Race for the Cure.  Erin and Ashley ran in loving memory of their beautiful Moms who both lost the fight against breast cancer.  What a couple of amazing girls and what a totally amazing thing to do!

Erin's shirt for the race.


Erin, her sister-in-law Ashley, and a friend


  • Deb and Wendy just returned from the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Washington DC – where they walked 39.3 miles to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research and treatment.  How cool is that?  Even cooler – this is not their first time.  They have walked several years in a row for this awesome cause!

Wendy and Deb


  • Jen D. was also in Washington DC this weekend.  Serving as “crew” for the walk, she provided support on the sweep buses.  Her enthusiasm and general fun-spirit was a blessing to those folks who had to end their walk earlier than they had planned for whatever reason.  Like Deb and Wendy, this is not Jen’s first year for this great cause either!

Avon walkers starting their day!


  • Andrea just ran her first half-marathon in Oklahoma City a couple weeks ago (wearing her Cool Chicks “how’s my hair?” shirt!).  She said that she originally thought she’d just do one and then that would be it, but she expects to train and run in the OKC half again next year!

Andrea with her finisher's medal!


  • Jennifer is well into her training schedule for the October Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Charlotte, NC and has been discovering new walking trails in her area.  She’s inspired her husband to get out and walk with her and will be walking her first Half marathon this month at the Inside Out Sports half marathon in Cary, NC!!!

beautiful greenway walking trails in Hickory, NC


  • Julie traveled to our Nation’s capitol to attend the very posh First Ladies’ luncheon in Washington DC.  In addition to that, she  is also my partner in crime for daydreaming about where our businesses will take us.

Julie (second from the left) at the luncheon


  • Julia just finished biking 150 miles for the MS150 race from Houston to Austin, Texas.  She has participated in this event (along with some really great friends/coworkers) for the last several years.  This year, even with the sketchy economy, she was able to raise nearly $2,500 for MS research and treatment!

Julia, making 150 miles look effortless!


  • Jocelyn, who has always been convinced that I’m crazy when I train for events, has slowly gotten suckered into the racing fever (thanks to Erin, I think)  and will be running her very first (and probably not her last) half marathon at the Inside Out Sports Half later this month!

Jocelyn and my hubby, at the 8K Turkey Trot back in November


And those are just the things I can think of off the top of my head today…  how lucky am I to be surrounded by these chicks???

What cool stuff have YOU been up to?


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2 Responses to cool chicks in action…

  1. Jen D says:

    WOW! you know a lot of cool chicks…and i’m so excited that i’m one of them! last weekend in DC was just incredible….can’t wait for Charlotte in October!

    • coolchicksactivegear says:

      I know, right?! I was thinking about my friends and what everyone was up to and thought – wow! Very cool and I’m very lucky!

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