happy (belated) cinco de mayo!

In my rush to get the blog post about other cool chicks published today, I completely forgot that it is Cinco De Mayo today!  Given that I love Mexican food and any excuse to have a beer or margarita, I’m sure it will come as no surprise that this is one of my favorite holidays.  It also helps that it immediately follows my wedding anniversary. 

While I would normally be mixing up some margaritas and eating my body-weight in chips and salsa to celebrate this day… This year, I went the healthier route and did the Fleet Feet Cinco De Mayo Flamingo Chase fun-run instead. 

We have our group training-runs on Wednesday nights anyway, so this was combined with the Nobo training group and the usual fun-run crowd.  The route was a hilly 2 miles in the Fleet Feet neighborhood, marked off with plastic pink flamingos.

The “chase” portion of the run was that one of the store employees was dressed in a pink-flamingo costume and you had to catch her and get a prize token from her along the route. 

I caught her in the first quarter of a mile because we started a little early and she ended up flying past us and then I picked up the pace to catch her.  Well, okay, so I was picking up the pace and shouting “waaaait up!  I’m trying to catch you!”.  But I did get a token from her and won a tube of Nuun hydration tablets.  Woohoo – can’t wait to try those out!

When we made it back to the store, I grabbed an ice-cold corona to celebrate… I passed on the chips and salsa and other snacks and came home to the greek beef stew we had brewing in the crock pot (soooo freaking good!).

What did you do to celebrate Cinco De Mayo???

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