amanda + wine + ebay…

equals crazy purchases like this pink tuxedo shirt I bought for my darling husband to wear while cheering me and my sister-in-law on for the Avon 39.3 mile walk in October.

Doesn’t he look thrilled?  Hahahaha.  When it arrived in the mail, I gave it to him (with a straight face) and suggested that he might want to wear either that or the Cool Chicks “my wife is hot.” shirt… because I’m flexible like that.  I think he’s still trying to decide.

I’m pretty sure he’ll be looking for Ebay blocker software while he’s at work today… especially given my history of tipsy auction participation (ie – MC Hammer doll, tattoo sleeves, Mr. T action figure, etc, etc).  I can’t help it – I love Ebay!  Where else would you be able to find everything under the sun from your childhood?

Have you bought anything crazy lately that would make us laugh?

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4 Responses to amanda + wine + ebay…

  1. Deb says:

    It is a 2-day event! The pink tux shirt one day and the “my wife is hot” the second day!

    • coolchicksactivegear says:

      oh! good call! I’ll remind him of that today! haha! poor guy, he really is a prince for cheering at all my events…

  2. Wendy K says:

    Ok, so I have to know where you got that shirt. My hubby has to have one for the Charlotte event as well. LOVE IT!! I think all our hubbies should wear them.

  3. Jen D says:

    step one…find a husband before the october avon walk

    step two…force him to wear this shirt


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