mileage update…

I’ve been slacking on logging my mileage on the Daily Mile website, so spent some time this morning catching up.  I’m pretty sure I’m missing some workouts that I didn’t record anywhere and in some cases, I had to guess at how many miles because I only had recorded the time.

According to the log (and my vague memory), I’m at 149.75 miles.  Oh, but more importantly… I’m at 76.56 donuts burned!  Too bad they don’t have the option to toggle that to how many Blue Moon beers I’ve burned… now that would be a valuable statistic!

So my mileage goal for this year is 1,000 miles (walk or run).  I’ve logged approximately 150 to date… which leaves… ACK!  850 miles to log in the next 8 months… which calculates out to be approximately 25 miles per week in order to meet my goal!  Crap… what was I thinking?

Oh, that’s right… I was thinking that I’m a rock-star who is tougher than she looks.  ha!  Okay, actually – 25 miles per week is doable.  I’ve already logged 19 miles this week (no wonder my feet are hurting, right?), so I just need to bump up the miles a bit and keep steady.  No worries, I do my best work under pressure anyway… guess I’ll head out for a 10 mile run/walk now. 

Do you track your workouts with an online tool or journal so you can see your progress? 

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