friday weigh-in…

Hmmm, so I went and weighed in this morning and ended up only losing 2 pounds this week.  I know that’s moving the scale in the right direction, but it still seemed like I should have lost more.  But after I thought about the week, I realized that I had a Derby party, our wedding anniversary dinner out, and a cheese-covered chicken parmigan last week that probably all stacked against me. 

So next week, I just need to buckle down again…

Workout totals for this week:

  • 4 hours of kickboxing
  • 3 hours of weight-training
  • 2 hours of running
  • 10 hours of walking
  • 1.5 hour on recumbent bike
  • 1 hour of yoga

Which included a full day of rest on Sunday and a “light” day of only two hours on Tuesday (so I’d have time to celebrate my anniversary – which should also count as a workout – ha!).

Oh, beer count for the week is 4 Blue Moons and a Shock Top at the Derby party Saturday, and half a Corona (ariiiiba!) at the Flamingo Chase.

I’m off for another walk in the sizzling hot sun! 

Have a great weekend!

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2 Responses to friday weigh-in…

  1. Jen D says:

    you are awesome! you worked HARD this week! and two pounds is great! congrats!


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