I attended step-aerobics this  morning for the first time in probably a hundred years.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the workout, but I’m not especially coordinated and always have a tough time following the moves that seem to change every minute. 

In the interest of challenging myself, I set all my bad step-aerobics experiences aside and dragged myself to the 8:30 class at my gym.  I was going along in the workout, cracking up at the music (umm, MC Hammer?  and 9 to 5?) and feeling like I was starting to get it when BLAM – I caught my foot on the edge of the step and went down flat on my butt.  Luckily, I didn’t try to break my fall with anything other than the natural padding o’ my rear, so the only thing harmed was my ego.

The girl closest to me asked if I was okay… I laughed and said yeah, that I was more embarrassed than anything.  She shook her head and told me not to be – that she wasn’t very coordinated either and to keep coming to class because it does get easier to get the hang of it.

I spent the rest of the class dividing my attention between trying to stay at least vaguely in-step with the instructor and thinking about why step-aerobics is so hard for me that I want to quit every single time I try it.  Umm, like running, yoga, or kickboxing came easily?  Helllurh?  No, none of those did.

While my mind was wandering, I remembered there is a new guy in my kickboxing class.  This guy is so uncoordinated and rhythmically challenged that he makes me look like a Solid Gold Dancer (if you don’t get that reference, you probably shouldn’t be following my blog – ha!).  But yet, this sweaty dude returns to classes every week (and unfortunately, manages to be right next to me so that he often throws me off).

So yeah… I’ll be going back to step-class next week.  Only next time I fall (which is likely), I’ll have a response ready to the question “are you okay?”.  Next time, I’ll say “yeah, thanks – just practicing my dismount for the judges!”.  hahaha.

Oh, and on the heels of yesterday’s post… I guess I don’t always defy gravity, eh? 

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2 Responses to ooofff!

  1. hahahahah…funny post. That means you have to do Zumba next. At least with that class, there is no higher level, so no dismounts required!

  2. Deb says:

    This is why I am so into the water aerobics! It’s not as obvious when you are out of step and when you fall you don’t actually bruise anything! In one of my first yoga classes my yogi contorted himself into this impossible pose and I laughed out loud! I had to apologize to him after the class for being disruptive and he actually thought it was pretty funny!

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