a' hiking we will go…

So my husband and I went for the perfect hike Monday evening.  The weather was nice and cool and I’m bored with our usual routes (greenway out back, Shelley, Lake Lynn, etc), so we decided to explore the nearby Falls Lake trails.  It was gorgeous…

Before I met Erik, I had never actually been on a hike… but he’s an outdoorsy type and grew up hiking, camping, etc.  Me?  I grew up avoiding most physical activity.  It’s taken several years, but I’ve grown to really enjoy a good hike.  We don’t usually talk much on these treks because we’re too busy focusing on not tripping over a tree root or keeping our eyes peeled for a snake.  We’re in a peaceful, lush, totally green environment… it’s so calming.

So anyway, back to the perfect hike.  As we were maneuvering the trails, we came across so many fantastic photo opportunities.  We were surrounded by deer at one point and then walked out into an open field of high grass where a single baby deer was eating… he froze and just stared at us.  I can’t even tell you how bummed I was that we hadn’t brought a camera!  We kept walking and came across beautiful shadows, waterfalls, meditation rock statues, etc.  It was glorious!

When we headed back to the car, I asked Erik if we could do it again on Tuesday – with cameras – and he agreed.  So we went back last night, cameras at the ready… and didn’t come across a single deer or perfect shadow.  At first, I was disappointed.  But then I realized that we did smell the abundant honeysuckle, heard the nearby church bells ring, and felt the temperature change as we walked lower into the woods.

All that made me realize that sometimes you just have to stay in the moment… enjoy it for what it is and don’t attach too many specific expectations.  While that is certainly applicable to this hike, it’s also applicable to any of your workouts.  Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the goal and lose sight of the journey. 

Don’t lose sight of the journey… it’s what makes the goal more delicious.

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