For those of you who don’t already know, I am commuting back and forth between small-town, Wisconsin and Raleigh, North Carolina during the week for the next few months.  I fly out on Monday mornings at 6am (which means a 4am start to my day) and arrive back at home at 9pm on Friday night, exhausted. 

Aside from having much less free-time on my hands (note the shortage on blog posts for the last couple o’ weeks), I’m also facing the challenges of getting into an exercise routine while out-of-town and working longer hours… not eating garbage food while I eat nearly every meal out… and not going wild with the fantastic Wisconsin beers that are abundantly available.  

The first week, I ate garbage and drank like a local… this last week, I packed some healthy snacks, made a quinoa salad (that didn’t require refrigeration), and made a stop at the grocery store for some healthier breakfast options.  I didn’t quite squeeze in the hard-core workouts I had originally planned, but umm, it’s a work in progress, thanks.  ha! 

So – hey – another idea for an enterprising young trainer-type… please come up with a workout specifically for a 6 hour commute (which includes two flights, layover in airport, and 45 minute drive to the office).  Preferably one that will burn the extra 3,000 calories I am tempted to consume… while away from home, on an expense account. 

What have YOU been up to  lately?  Any new challenges you are facing?

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