get some booty…

 Since we’ve been shopping at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Earthfare, we’ve discovered all kinds of new products that we really like.  Some – are just tasty and some – are just fun.  One of my favorite new products that we’ve found is these “Pirate’s Booty” white cheddar puffs.

Not only are they tasty and mildly addictive, but how fun is it to be able to turn to your spouse/partner in a small health-food store and say (with a straight face) “hey babe, do you want some more booty?!?!” or “I want some more booty – it was so good last week!”.  Hahahaha…

That?  Is $3.27 well-spent, kids.

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One Response to get some booty…

  1. Jen D says:

    i used to love pirate’s booty…then i found trader joe’s version (they used to be called Unburied Treasure, but i think they are just White Cheddar Puffs now). anyhew, the trader joe’s version is cheesier, cheaper, and comes in a bigger bag. it’s like crack. seriously.

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