BL season finale…

So, with my crazy schedule these days, I *just* got around to watching this season’s Biggest Loser finale (on demand, with no commercials – yay!)… huge congratulations to Michael Ventrella for kicking some serious BL butt!

The contestants on this show never cease to amaze me… I mean – when Michael (and his bushy ‘fro) first appeared on the show, I hated him!  What a wimpy momma’s boy!  Seriously?  Nearly every week, I practically shouted at the tv for them to vote him off to make room for someone more committed (and with less bushy hair). [side note: I would make a great motivational coach if I could yell at you from my air-conditioned and comfy living room]

I’m not sure at what point I actually started liking him, but I think it may have been around the first time he ran 5K on the treadmill without stopping… his awe at this personal accomplishment really touched me because I know that feeling and I knew it was going to be a turning point for him.  It’s like all of a sudden, your self-imposed limitations are pushed a little further out and you’re surprised, excited, and scared – all at the same time.  I wish I could bottle that feeling and sell it – because then?  I’d be one rich chick. 

So anyway, when Michael came out on stage during the finale and they showed his “before” image, my jaw dropped.  Amazing!  Especially amazing from a man who lives in his parents’ basement and probably couldn’t have taken me in a fight back then.  More important than his physical transformation, though, was his emotional transformation.  If you look back at the first several weeks, you can see it in his face – the doubt, the fear, the being on the edge of giving up, etc.  Now?  Dude is GLOWING with victory and ready to take on the world!  THAT’s what I’m talking about!!!

Okay, and I have to give serious applause to the fact that he was able to lose 50% of his body weight… while being very Italian.  Umm, Italian food?  Is heaven in the mouth, but not exactly the lightest option you could choose.  Awesome!

Michael?  Please use some of that money to move out of your parents’ house and to maintain this much more flattering hairdo.  ha!

P.S.  What was with Koli?  I like him and all, but what was UP with the pink pants?  And the eye-contact avoidance thing?  He was acting like a battered spouse or something… seriously?  Maybe he just had to pee really bad and couldn’t focus on anything except that.  Bless his heart.  Oh!  And didn’t Sam look exactly like a stripper-cop when he came out on stage?  Really?  Someone needs to corner these two and give them some fashion tips.

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One Response to BL season finale…

  1. Jen D says:

    LOL!!! your P.S. is killin’ me! haha! yes…something was definitely up with koli. he was acting incredibly strange. and sam…bless his heart. he did look like a stripper cop! he’s just super stoked that he’s gettin’ some booty!!!

    there were a couple of people (as there are every season) that i think lost TOO much weight for the finale. i can’t remember right now who i thought that about this season, but there were definitely a couple. 🙂

    SO happy for michael. i really hope he can stick with it. AND move out of his parents house. AND help his sister get healthier, too!

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