Yikes!  So I just realized I haven’t posted anything in about two weeks… time flies when you’re laughing, eating cheese, and drinking beer in Wisconsin, eh?  I mean… working, yes, working in Wisconsin.  ha! 

I just signed a lease on an apartment in the tiny town of Waupaca last week and will move in this next weekend.  I’m hoping that will bring some normalcy/routine to my life there for the next six months.  It’ll be nice to have dinner at “home” instead of going out to eat constantly.  Aside from all the extra calories, eating out is killing my stomach with all the heavy foods and such.  And I’m looking forward to being able to have people over instead of all of us meeting up in a bar.  Plus, I’m wasting a ton of time packing, unpacking, repacking, etc.  Now – I’ll be able to leave stuff there and feel like I’m living out of a suitcase.  YAY!

Setting up a new apartment is going to be fun though… I haven’t bought stuff for the house in a long time, so picking out new stuff for my little place will be an adventure.  I started making a shopping list this weekend and realized – holy cow – I have a TON of stuff that I’ll need to get!  My husband is more of a minimalist and thinks I could do without stuff like a tv, sofa, girly shower curtain, etc.  I beg to differ… what do you think?

What is the one thing (other than a bed) that you would have as your luxury item in a new apartment out of town?

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3 Responses to m-i-a…

  1. Jennifer says:

    Sofa, sofa, sofa, sofa – even if it’s just a small one or loveseat. It’s a must! Multiple uses – computer desk, dining area, alternate sleeping space, oh yeah, and sofa.

  2. Heather says:

    wine rack, of course!

  3. coolchicksactivegear says:

    I’m down with both of those options!!!

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