couch potato…

I arrived in Wisconsin this afternoon and went into a shopping frenzy to try to get stuff for my new apartment here… it turns out I’ll be moving in this Wednesday instead of this weekend.  Yay for that! 

So I was in a rush to get bedding and linens while I was still in a town that had more than a janky k-mart or any furniture stores that stay open past 5pm.  In a span of 2 hours, I dropped nearly $300 on linens and such and had swept through about 4 furniture stores to come up with two sofa options (fyi – from the last post, a sofa is pretty much the key thing I couldn’t live without in order to be comfortable and happy).  I couldn’t decide between these two… maybe you guys could help?

You can’t tell from the picture, but the first one is olive-green with khaki piping and it’s a canvas-like material.  The second one is a soft tweed-ish material and is oatmeal.  I can get both the sofa and the matching ottoman sitting in front of it for only $75 more than the first sofa.

Which one would you pick?

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4 Responses to couch potato…

  1. Betsy says:

    My vote is for the second one with the ottoman, you’ll love being able to put your feet up after a long day. 🙂

    • coolchicksactivegear says:

      Thanks, Betsy! I’m leaning more in that direction also. It’ll give me some extra seating if I want to host a movie night or something with the other consultants. 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:

    I’d pick the second – ottoman is extra living/working space The only cons to it are a. it has more pillows in the back to keep straight and b. if you fall asleep on it you have a tweedy-type impression in your face hehehehe

  3. Jen D says:

    the couch with the ottoman for sure! LOVE an ottoman!

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