Is totally in the eye of the beholder…

During my weekly women’s study a couple months ago, we discussed “beauty” and society’s pressure on women to be “beautiful” as determined by marketing groups everywhere.   In contrast, we also discussed what it means to be truly beautiful in the sense of being children of God.  I love this idea because it seems to me that it’s a balance between physical appearance, joy, wisdom, character, faith, and graciousness.

You know what’s toughest for me?  The gracious part… How hard is it as a woman to be gracious when we’re just plain old tired, rushed, and cranky because we have middle-age-woman crazy hormones?  When we’re trying to be wives and daughters and sisters and career-women?  Oh yeah, sistahs, it’s tough… I can’t even imagine throwing a kid into the mix right now (kudos to those of you who are rocking the Mom thing though!).

I’ve struggled with body image, self esteem, and trying to be more girly for a number of years (read: all of my years) and I love this thought that beauty is not about how much we weigh or what labels we wear, but about the balance of who we are as women.  So that’s what I’m exploring these days… in addition to trying to be a more physically healthy person, I’d like to find that balance with everything else that will make me truly beautiful.

What makes YOU beautiful?  Because I know that you are! 

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