deep thoughts, by aunt amanda…

In honor of my trip to go see my bff and her family in Texas (and due to pure laziness on my part), I’m re-posting something from my old sabbatical blog… it makes me giggle.

[original post date November 2009]

I’ve been in Texas for the last week, visiting Lori and her adorable 2+ year old.  The time has gone by too quickly as it always does when you are in the company of a dear friend that you don’t get to see often…  but we’ve had a wonderful time and still have a few more days before I return home.

As an added bonus to our long talks about everything under the sun and the gut-torquing laughter that accompanies many of our road-trips, she’s also given me the honored title of “aunt Amanda” to her precious kiddo and allowed me a glimpse of life as a 24-hour/day Mom (although she’s not yet taken me up on the offer to get up with her little early-bird so she could sleep in) while her husband is serving in Iraq.

In the last week, I’ve worked the same jigsaw puzzle with Jake approximately 180 times and marveled at how he never gets tired of it.  I’ve played the same tricks on him, read the same books, played the same scary kitty cat role, etc, countless times and yet – he squeals with delight each and every time as though I am so brilliant and imaginative in my toddler play skills (which of course, I’m not).


Man, what I’d give to have that fresh view on everything every day… giving everyone I encountered the benefit of the doubt and overlooking their failings while embracing their best intentions.  Enjoying each activity as thought it’s the first time you’ve ever experienced it instead of feeling your life is a series of ruts.  Man, wouldn’t that be amazing?

I do realize however, that the trade-off is that he still wears pampers… oh Wow!  Maybe that’s the key right there…  Everything would look better if you were basically sitting in your own poop all the time.  Hahaha – EUREKA!

Okay, clearly I’m short on sleep and mildly slap-happy… but I’m also happy.

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