sports bras or "please don't let me see your boobs bouncing everywhere!"…

Okay, ladies… it literally hurts me when I see other women with bad sports bras.  How are you able to keep up a workout routine if you have the discomfort of your boobs bouncing around.  Is that not painful for everyone like it is for me?

This is actually one of my main gripes with the Biggest Loser show (that and the shameless product-placement)… how in the world is it not occurring to these professional personal trainers and fitness types that the female contestants need to be fitted for a good sports bra that keeps their girls in place?  Um, hellllurh?  Clearly, they need me to boss them around on this… I’ll work on my letter to the producers today.

And now let me move into the product placement portion of my blog… hahaha.  No, seriously, I used to spend a ton of money on Moving Comfort sports bras (which are – in fact – fantastic), but have since found my inner-cheap-chick and started buying these lovelies from Wal-Mart:

It’s the Danskin High Impact Active Sport Bra and sells in-store for about $10.  What a deal!!!  I wear mine in my usual bra size (shhhush) and it’s plenty snug to keep everything in place (and give me ROCKING cleavage – ha!).  They give great support and at that price, I was able to buy one for every day of the week!  I also don’t feel bad when I need to toss one after about 50 washings (which, I believe, is the recommended cycle of bras for the maximum support).

If you’re not sure these are for you or have no idea what you might need, you could also go get fitted for a sports bra at your local Fleet Feet store.  But whatever you do, I beg you to please stop letting your boobs bounce around.  It’s painful to watch and we can’t help but stare.

Happy shopping!

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2 Responses to sports bras or "please don't let me see your boobs bouncing everywhere!"…

  1. Kristin says:

    Preach it! I don’t understand the bounce.
    I too spend a boat load on Moving Comfort sports bras. Recently scored two on for $26. They were on clearance and I had a gift card. Dreamy.
    Might have to try this one from Wal-Mart…. not sure if it comes in quad D though!

  2. scott says:

    I got a chuckle out of the description…”High Impact”. Lol.

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