thankfully, humble-pie has no calories….

Mmmmm…. piiiiiie. 

So… after 4 months of sampling all varieties of Wisconsin beer and bar-food, I’ve found that I’ve slipped into a routine of eating garbage, being lazy, and feeling sluggish… my clothes are snug and I huff-and-puff during workouts I previously could rock through without breaking much of a sweat. 

Yep, it’s a bit humbling for this chick… while my husband and some of our friends are training to run a half-marathon in the Outer Banks next month, I’m training to simply get my butt up off the couch!  

It’s amazing how quickly your fitness level declines while warming a bar-stool instead of actually moving…  Now that I’m back from Wisconsin, I’d love to join up with my old running group again, but am pretty sure I’d shame myself by passing out somewhere along the route.  I doubt I could even run a block right now.

So… guess who will be eating humble pie and going back to square-one with her running?  Oh yeah, that would be me… Couch to 5K training program?  Here I come!

What have you guys been up to for the last few months that I’ve been in a beer/cheese coma? 

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One Response to thankfully, humble-pie has no calories….

  1. Deb says:

    Eating cheese and drinking beer too. Missing your blogs. Reading the Couch to 5k entries while eating bonbons! 😦

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