amaze me…

or better yet, amaze yourself!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been in a rut for a while… and although I don’t typically like to make New Year’s resolutions, I guess I needed that little square on the calendar to shake all the cobwebs loose and make me realize that time?  Is flying by.  I shouldn’t be wasting precious time, doing the same old stuff that has kept me in a funk!

So I started thinking about what I needed to do to set myself in the right direction for the year… I won’t bore you with that tedious list, but I will say that numero uno was to get back into my workout routine!  And the best way to get back into that routine?  Returning to a kick-butt kickboxing workout that I love more than sitting on the sofa!  Since my fitness level has deteriorated during my “period de funk”, I was nervous about returning to class… like really nervous.  But I went… and I not only surprised myself, I like to think I even amazed myself! 

As I was leaving the gym on Wednesday, all pink-faced and righteously smelly, I picked up the latest copy of SKIRT!  The cover has an adorable drawing of a hip-chick with a tattoo up her arm.  The tattoo jumped out at me (a) because I’ve been thinking about getting one myself and (b) because it says “amaze me”.  How cool is that?! 

Anyway, the quick column on the cover listed a number of things the reader could do to amaze themselves… things like “Join a commune”, “Raise chickens and sell the eggs” and “Pierce one of your parts”.  So umm, yeah, it would be amazing if I even agreed to do any of those because none of them appeal to me (chickens? really? wow…), but it got my creative juices flowing about what I could do to amaze myself this year… so here’s a start – I’m going to learn to love working out this year.  I’m going to stop thinking of it as a chore or one more thing on my to-do list, but as something I can treat myself with… something that makes me feel amazing when I’m done and pink and sweaty!

it’s a new year, girlies… what can you do to amaze yourself (and us)?!

PS – don’t you just LOVE that Bruno Mars song “Just the Way You Are“?    “Cause girl, you’re amazing…  Just the way you are!”

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