You guys know I love beer, right?  Well, I’ve been laying off lately so I can get rid of the gut I developed while working in Wisconsin.  So as a splurge the other day, I decided to have a couple margaritas instead of beer.  I’m thinking (no lie) that margaritas have got to be less calories than beer… I mean – it’s FRUIT JUICE, people!  Ummm, yeah… no.  I just looked up the calories on margaritas and realized that I could basically have a six-pack of my beloved Blue Moons for the same calories as two margaritas…  Who knew?  Not me, that’s for darn sure!  Baaaah – so I calculated how many kickboxing workouts it would take to work off those stinking margaritas and wow… I can’t believe I’m wasting time typing this when I really should be working those silly cocktails off!!!

Have you ever been shocked by calorie content on something you love?

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