I’m in Portland, OR for the next two weeks for work.  The commute from Raleigh to Portland door-to-door was about 12 hours (6 hours spent sitting in first-class, thankyouverymuch) and I arrived last night at what was midnight EST.  And then worked about 11 hours today… in panty-hose and high-heels.  I’m one tired chick. 

The up-side is that waking up at 5am here is like waking up at 8am on my usual schedule, so I should be able to roust myself out of bed in the morning to get in a quick run before another long work-day.  Or maybe not… now that I’ve piled extra blankets on my hotel-bed and turned the ac up to meat-locker frigid, I might be able to actually get some sleep tonight and feel like staying snuggled in for that extra hour in the morning.  And if I get the coffee pot ready and move it to my bed-side, I could even get a cup of coffee before having to pry myself out of bed. 

Hmmm, yeah, see how easy it was to talk myself out of going for a run in the morning?  Curses…

What are you up to this week?

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