public speaking…

is not only among my top-5 fears, it’s actually believed to be the single most common fear for three-fourths of the population – ranking even higher than death!  Baaaah!

As much of a clown as I am, I am such a nervous nelly when it comes to formal public-speaking.  I’m pretty sure my face glows red the whole time and I feel hot-flashes like I’m spiking through menopause at warp-speed (which I’m way too young for, kids).  Over the years, I’ve had to give tons of presentations or provide technical training that required me to be up in front of a crowd for a fair amount of time.  And every single time, I’ve been a nervous-wreck.  I can’t really put my finger on why – exactly – it freaks me out so bad and I’ve tried for a number of years to overcome it, but it still jacks me up every time! 

So that brings us to this week… where I had to give a 30-minute presentation at work on Wednesday afternoon.  I was so freaking nervous and I just don’t get it…  I once spoke in front of a church congregation of thousands of people on a very personal topic and managed to survive, so why would getting up in front of 35 people – to present work content I felt pretty comfortable with – have me sweating through my blouse?  No.stinking. idea. 

Anyway, so in the interest of amazing myself this year, I’m going to push past the fear and just keep getting up there with the hope that I’ll finally overcome this spastic fear…

In the meanwhile, I’ll be picturing you all in your underwear

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3 Responses to public speaking…

  1. Deb says:

    You know Cheyenne is mortified at speaking in front of crowds and I was asked to join a Women’s Leadership forum at work, it turns out that was the fear of most of the people there. When I was in the Navy I attended an Instructor Training course and for a month “Mean Gene the Unsatting Machine” spent everyday criticizing something. I suppose that desensitized me because when Wendy and I do AWBC meetings they have to put duct tape over our mouths to make us stop talking… Maybe that’s what I’m meant to do–start a public speaking “boot camp.” Hmmmmmmmm….

    • coolchicksactivegear says:

      practice, practice, practice… or maybe I’m just numb from all the presentations I’ve had to do in the last few weeks… but whatever it is – I’m thankful that it’s getting easier!

  2. coolchicksactivegear says:

    Do it, Deb! You’d be awesome at it and I’d be the first one to sign up for the “camp”!!!

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