in hot water…

I have always been a fan of water… especially hot, bubbly water that soothes my tired body and relaxes my mind.  When my husband and I go to New Mexico each year, we always book a private soaking hot-tub at Ten Thousand Waves spa.  We like to go at night, so we can lose the distractions of the day and stare up at the stars.  We soak in the hot water for as long as is tolerable and then get out to lay on the reclining bench and enjoy the tingle of cool air on wet skin before getting back in again.  Yep… love it! 

While I was in Wisconsin, one of the guys hosted a few bon-fire parties at his house and after a few beers, he would pull back the cover on their hot-tub and shout “hot tub time machine!”… and one by one, everyone would end up bobbing around in the hot water… laughing, splashing, and having a great time (oh the stories I could tell!).  There’s nothing quite like getting into the hot-tub with your coworkers to keep things light in the office! 

So… spending the weekend in Portland, Erik and I were thrilled to have almost exclusive use of the hot-tub in our hotel whenever we wanted it.  It’s not the same as our New Mexico experience (specifically because we have to wear suits in the hotel or risk an arrest-record) and it’s not the laugh-a-minute it was in Wisconsin, but it was still so soothing and relaxing.  Each day, we sat there… talking, laughing, and letting the jets massage our hands and feet (until we were good and pruney) before drying off and heading back to our room in a pretty zen-like state.

We’ve talked about getting a hot-tub for years, but have just never gotten around to it…

I’m thinking it might just finally be time now.

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