sunshine on my shoulder…

I hate winter…. hate the cold weather, leafless trees, gray sky, dry skin, days getting darker by 5, snow, ice, etc.  It is hands-down my least favorite season and I usually suffer some seasonal crankiness throughout the winter.  This year, or specifically, the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to outsmart mother nature and trick my body and mind into believing that it’s not winter-time in Raleigh – or more in preparation of my two weeks in gray, rainy Portland (that I’m almost at the end of!). 

I’ve put a little sunshine in my body (vitamin D supplements), in my hair (new summery highlights that turned out awesome), and my skin (tanning/burning my buns at the spa).  I already felt better about the possibility of continuing into winter weather, but then – I found this really fun sunshiney purse…

I didn’t need a new purse… I actually have about a dozen that I already rotate, depending on the season or occasion, but wow – how could I possibly pass up such a bright, fun bag that would whisper “sunshine on your shoulder” every single day that I carry it?

Are you counting the days until Spring arrives?  I  know I am!

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