the road *most* traveled…

I fly home tomorrow… after being gone from my husband, my puppy-dog, my comfy bed, and my big garden-tub for two weeks.  I do love to travel, but it’s been an exhausting couple of weeks with all sorts of challenges and stresses…  I’m soooo ready to be home, surrounded by all the things that I love.  I can’t wait to wake up Friday morning to home-brewed coffee that my husband will be kind enough to bring to me in bed while I snuggle back into the flannel sheets that I know await me.  Please wish me luck that I don’t end up stranded overnight tomorrow in Minneapolis due to the wicked weather!!!  

I just found out my new work travel schedule today and I’ve gotta be honest… it’s going to be pretty hectic between now and the middle of May.  I’ll be in Dallas next week, New York for the following three weeks, back to Dallas for two weeks, New York for a week, Dallas for 2 weeks, New York for one, and Dallas again to finish things out through mid-May.  It’s exciting… but my head is spinning with all the scheduling I have to do for all that!

To make myself feel better about it all, I calculated up my flight and hotel benefits and found that I will reach Gold status with Delta within two months (yay for upgrades!), will earn yet another free flight on Southwest, and I’ll have enough Marriott rewards points to cover my weekend hotel-stay to see my niece graduate from the Air Force basic training program in San Antonio next month.  I guess those are better than a kick in the shins, eh?

Where are you traveling to?

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2 Responses to the road *most* traveled…

  1. Deb says:

    I’ll be in Dallas the week of the 20th. I’m checking with Brenda (you met her once at a Tiny Tata get together at the Mexican restaurant in Apex) to see when we can get together. We can terrorize TX with a mini Tiny Tata assault!

  2. coolchicksactivegear says:

    Shoot! If you’re talking February, I’ll be in New York that week…

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