Aside from the time about 8 years ago when I dyed my hair brunette for a couple of months or the occasional streak of cobalt blue that I might add for fun, I’ve been blonde my whole life.  I was a cotton-top kid with white-white hair until I was about 10 or so and have had medium blonde hair since then.  My three brothers are all blondes as well (FYI – I am not in any way attracted to blonde men for this very reason… ha!). 

In the last 38 years, I have heard more blonde jokes than you can imagine.  Some have been funny, some really rude, and some just dumb… but I always endure them and laugh right along because, honestly?  I do have some blonde moments from time to time.  I’ve gotten way past worrying that I might seem less intelligent because of these “moments”…  I know I’m an intelligent smarty-pants, no doubt about that.  But I still manage to do or say stuff periodically that has people pausing with a grin and trying to determine if I’m serious or not.  The great thing is that I can laugh about it – and often do!  It helps, of course, that I think “uh-huh, laugh all you want, suckahs – when I finally start turning gray, none of you kids will even notice because my hair is blonde!”  haha.

While my husband and were in Savannah recently, I saw this bumper sticker and just had to have it for my laptop… 

My coworkers are getting such a kick out of it, it was well worth the $1.95 I spent on it!  In fact, one of the girls mentioned that she used to be platinum blonde several years ago and spent $200 per month to maintain the blonde.  One of the guys asked “well? did you feel like it made you less smart?”.  She replies “well, I dropped nearly 12 grand on dying my hair during that period, so I’d say that wasn’t too smart, eh?”  haha! 

So… got any good blonde jokes?

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