so tired of eating out…

I’ve only been traveling again for four weeks and I’m already so sick of eating out for every meal… especially when I’ve had to just grab something at the hotel restaurant.  Blech, yuck, ick.  I never thought I’d get sick of restaurants, but I soooo am.  It’s also tearing up  my stomach (processed foods much?). 

When I talk to my husband and hear about what he’s made for dinner at home that night, I’m instantly home-sick and just wish I could be there to share a relaxed meal cooked up by my hubby (he cooks, I shop and clean – fair division of labor).

While I was traveling back and forth to WI, it wasn’t so bad because I had an apartment there with a full kitchen and a grill out on my balcony, so I could bring my lunch (in my Disney Princesses cooler bag – rock on!) or make dinner for myself and relax on my comfy couch afterwards.  I also got to have dinner in other people’s’ homes… grilled brats around a bon-fire, pig-roast, homemade shrimp-scampi, etc.  It was less like commuting back and forth each week and more like having a second home.

Since I’m rotating around projects for a bit (Portland, Dallas, NY – all in just 4 weeks), I haven’t had a chance to really settle in any one place…  My “home project” is in Dallas for only a few months, so it wouldn’t make sense to get an apartment there instead of staying in a hotel.  I do have friends in the area, but they are also traveling consultants who are gone during the week, so dinner at their home is probably out of the question. 

Hmmm, I’m not really sure what I should do to solve this dilemma.  Maybe I should get a dorm-cookbook and a hot-plate for my hotel room?  Haha… wouldn’t that be a hoot?  Okay, as soon as I stopped chuckling about that mental image, I realized I might be on to something… maybe I should get a cheap rice cooker and request both a fridge and microwave in my hotel room.  I could use my awesome Pampered Chef veggie steamer and make steamed veggies and rice for dinner a couple of nights a week… or maybe the sweet quinoa salad that I could make ahead of time and bring with me in my luggage since it doesn’t have to be refrigerated.  Hmmm… yeah, I think so.

Got any easily transportable or low-maintenance recipes for me to try while I’m traveling?

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