candy wrapper…

In the spirit of celebrating Valentine’s day this week (yes, I know I’m a few days late on this), I thought posting about my recent “caramel fusion body wrap” at Modern Enhancement Salon and Spa would be appropriate.  I mean – doesn’t it just sound yummy?  Yeah, it was…

I’m actually not a big fan of body wraps because they’re not always comfortable and getting butt-naked in front of a spa-professional is something I’m just not excited about doing (nevermind the bikini-line laser hair-removal that I’m forced to be an exhibitionist for every 6 weeks).  But I was sifting through the junk-mail at home a couple of weeks ago and saw a coupon for this new spa down the street from us, listing a few really decadent-sounding spa services.  Since Erik is a big fan of caramel, that one jumped out at me… so I made an appointment right away before I forgot about it.

This spa… is gorgeous!  Love, love, love the decor they use and their facilities are awesome… steam room, private showers, snacks, a quiet relaxation room that had me nodding off in bliss after just about 4 seconds.  I think I could LIVE in this spa.  Anyway, so the body wrapper chica came to get me from the relaxation room (read: she had to nudge me to wake me up) and explained the service on the way to the private room where I would soon become a human burritto.

I had to strip down (yay for dimmed lighting!), put on these hilarious paper panties, drape a tiny washcloth across my boobs, and then lay down on the treatment table that held layers of plastic wrap, a foil cocoon, and blankets.  When the wrapper chica returned to the room, she started rubbing me down/massaging me with some sort of sugar exfoliant.  You know how good it feels to have someone lightly scratch your back sometimes?  Yeah, that was how this felt… but all over and I didn’t have to worry about returning the favor later. 

Just as she finished setting my skin all a’ tingle, she started brushing on this warm, thick goo… the caramel detox stuff.  Once I was goo’d up, she wrapped the plastic wrap tightly around me, then pulled the foil cocoon closed over me and piled heavy blankets on top of me.  For the first few minutes, I felt like I was in a straight-jacket, but then slowly started to relax and enjoy being cuddled by all those layers.

I have no idea how long I was “wrapped”, but I do know that I fell asleep and awoke only when she started unwrapping me.  After being swaddled in warmth, the cold air was a little startling for the few minutes it took her to get everything off me so I could hop into the warm shower and rinse off.  Following my rinse, I hopped back onto the (newly stripped and cleaned) treatment table in my paper panties and washcloth bra and settled in for the final full body rub-down with enriched nutrient lotion.  My skin felt amazing by the time I stumbled back to the relaxation room…!

I’m not so sure I felt the detox value of this treatment, but I definitely felt the yummy decadence that I always associate with caramel… I can’t wait to try some of their other candy-flavored spa services!

What spa treatments have you tried and loved?

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