brain dump…

I’m flying back home from New York this afternoon.  The week has flown by, as have all the weeks in the last month.  My head is constantly spinning with all the things we have going on right now, so here’s a quick brain-dump – from me, to you:

  • Life most definitely is what happens while you’re making other plans… and thank heavens for that because my plan-making over the last several months has sucked tremendously!
  • We’re moving to lovely Savannah, GA next month so my husband can take what appears to be a dream-job for him… which means we have a million moving-type things to do in the next few weeks (yay for awesome relocation benefits!).
  • Fitting in one wimpy workout a week does not exactly make me feel strong… or healthy.  I really must get some butt-kicking workouts in this weekend to get my motivation level back up.
  • I’m hosting a girlie-dinner tomorrow night… it’s a monthly tradition with some of my girlfriends that I’ve missed out on for the last several months and I’m looking forward to sharing some pasta and wine with those girls in my own home this weekend!
  • There is clearly no driving skill requirement for cab drivers in New York… nor is there a language requirement, hygiene requirement, or ability to operate a GPS requirement.
  • We’ll be moved to Savannah just in time for the huge St. Patrick’s Day parade that they hold there each year… also considered the SECOND LARGEST IN THE WORLD!  Crazy…
  • I really need to buy a couple of new suits and take out stock in nylons because I’m going through those like crazy lately.
  • My fingernails are the absolute stubbiest they have ever been in my adult life and I’m seriously considering getting some acrylic nails until summer time when my nails will sprout like weeds.  Hmmm, wonder if this influence is from my recent time in Texas…
  • I can (and am) getting over my fear of public speaking… thanks to daily presentations over the last few weeks.
  • The closest Trader Joe’s to Savannah is an hour and a half away… but there is a Fleet Feet very near the area we are planning to buy in, so I just might survive.
  • I am finally going to see an orthopedist for my damaged rotator cuff and for the sprained ankle that does not want to heal – even after nearly 3 months!  I am expecting a painful shot in my near-future.
  • Speaking of pain, I have another laser hair-removal appointment tomorrow… and I’m REALLY hoping the new pain-gel they prescribed for me is going to make this a painless experience, but I’m not ready to bet money on that.  Oh – and how in the world am I going to finish my next 3 treatments in Raleigh now that I’ll be moving to Savannah?
  • I love working with people who have a great sense of humor… particularly if it’s the same potty sense of humor I have.  One of my new coworkers is keeping me in stitches this week with comments like “You should see Canadian year book pictures… we all looked like scruffy lesbians until we hit our twenties and started tweezing!”.
  • I’m so excited about the gorgeous weather we’re expecting for this four-day weekend in Raleigh… I might have to talk my hubby into a picnic and nap in Duke Gardens on Sunday.

What are you up to this weekend?

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